philoSOURphy on life

All our sorry life, we want to prove our self, be it in carom,football or studies. Remember the time when we were kids with hardly a just notion of our personal self and underestimated curiosity, this was the period when we truly got ingrained and embedded with the virus of victory.
I also find it interesting that i was always a choker, somebody without speed and pace.
I am not a dashing young man with a cleft chin and a toned body. There is a slight bulge in the belly. not tall, i consider myself to be short. May be not really short but still short.
I instinctively believe that life must not be treated in its abstract form.freedom is essential part of this voyage called life. Victory, ambition, dream, dedication are attached, no doubt, but the essence of life is far too elite….. To be expressed.
In everyday life, l’ve seen a lot of ups and downs but one thing strikes me through is the way ‘my life’ & ‘i’ is connected. Good or bad, there is no way for you to know before hand.
3-4 years ago, i decided to forgo a carrier in both writing and 🎥 movie making & opted to become an engineer instead.
A year or so back, on a particularly depressing day, i found myself repenting the choice, wishing i was a writer instead. The day went by. The next morning, i came to terms with the choice i had made. &found closure.
I have since then come to accept the terms of my life, the consequences of my choices.
Since i was 17. I have been in a committed relationship. I am one of the few to have never experienced heartbreak.